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Add a classic look to your home or business with our Rustic Metal Roofing Series. Although cold roll metal products rust quickly, they're still long-lasting and reliable. You'll get the appearance of rusted metal without all the negative effects and maintenance.


Rusted metal roofs are popular up North, and are used for exterior roofs, chicken coop roofs, and sheds. You can order it in the following styles: 5V, 1 1/4" corrugated, 2 1/2" corrugated, Tuff-Rib, standing seams, and soffit. Place your custom order today by calling 515-244-0770.

Classic looking rusted metal roofing for your property

Cold roll products aren't coated with rust inhibitors, meaning that the material is allowed to rust when it's exposed to extreme temperatures. The amount of time it takes for the rusting effect to take hold can vary, but it will rust on its own once exposed to your environment.


You should be aware that rust runoff and worn panels/trim is a normal part of the rusting process. These are not grounds for a claim or rejection of the product. Cold roll products are not warrantied, but all of our other metal products from Valspar are.


Standard trims and flashings are available for cold roll products, as well as your own custom orders. Our experts with over 17 years of experience are more than happy to recommend you a screw for your roof's system.

Get the rusted metal look for your roof with cold roll products

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